About Us

What We Do

3D Interactiv focuses on artistic, photo-realistic renderings by a small group of designers, photographers and videographers experienced using the most up to date software and technology available. This is an exciting time when good ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. These ideas need to be shared visually. It is now possible to create product vizualizations that are indistinguishable from actual photographs. Modern computer graphics (CG) technology goes far beyond concept visualization, and takes us into the realm of virtual prototyping, where you can have an image that appears to be an actual photograph of the finished product, long before any real engineering work has begun. This gives our customers an immense advantage in preparing compelling presentations that effectively sell their ideas.

Why We Do It

There is a Japanese saying, “百聞は一見に如かず”which can translate to “seeing once is better than hearing 100 times”. Sharing your vision through beautiful, realistic renderings is the best way to get a project moving forward. Having this experience ourselves as designers, we want to make photorealistic 3d renderings available to all who want to promote their ideas.

We invite creators from all disciplines to use our service. We support file formats from most major CAD and 3D modeling programs. We can even create virtual prototypes from your napkin sketches, no 3D models needed.

Who We Are

BIO- Chris Zaic, Founder

A born designer with a passion for incorporating elegance and beauty into his projects. From two decades of design and engineering experience, Chris has come to appreciate that your ideas are only as good as you can present them. His experience creating visualizations of his own designs gave birth to the idea of offering high-quality rendering services to a broad range of people who have great ideas, but limited time for visualization and prototyping.

BIO- Yumi Zaic, Account Manager

With years of experience as a sales manager and client service director, Yumi brings insight into talent management and marketing. She keeps close in mind her father’s words: “Whatever your role is in a company, your success depends on how good you are with people.” Yumi is dedicated to understanding your needs and vision to provide the best service possible.